This is my blog, I love it.

I am Laddi 23 years old. Web Designing is My Passion. At very first I have created a webpage on my great religion Sikhism. I live in Chandigarh and spend time in my village Jalkheri, mittran di motor te! It takes too much time to reach in Village via bus from Chandigarh, but the riding bus is really good. My attitude about life is very complex. I like parties, music, hang out, for fun and set my mood.

Punjabi Culture
“Punjabi” is my culture and my mother tongue. I love Punjab and Punjabi customs. Sikhism is in the hearth and soul of Punjab state. My life is worthless without Sikhism I am social because of Sikhism. May be I would in the woods if Sikhism does not show me the right ways. Sikhism teaches to live with peace with everyone and believe in humanity. But few arrogant and annoyed people try to make Sikhs humble. But Sikhs know very well how to live with raised heads.

HTML - My View
I think HTML is world’s coolest and great programming language. Web is starts from HTML and ends on HTML. The whole web is based on HTML. You can call HTML “The Spider” same like who weaves the web. It’s like you can create web with HTML alone but not with other programming language and tools without HTML.

Flash is probably most impressive designing tool for the websites but not for search engines. Search Engine does not understand a flash movie. Even search engines hate Flash designs. World’s greatest search engine Google nowhere use flash in its own pages.
One another fact is that a great designer can give extremely nice features even by just HTML.


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