Compact Flash (CF)

Compact Flash (CF I/II) - Considering the decreasing form factor of portable of a portable devices accommodating a CF card is difficult. They relative large - type I is 42.8 x 36.4 x 3.3 mm and are considerably thicker (type II-5.0 mm) than other cards. Nevertheless, they are still used as much as they were used before, especially in digital cameras. Ideal for proffessional photographers, CF cards offers tremendous speeds. When taking shots in burst mode (multiple shots), the camera needs to save the images very quickly. CF cards allow just that. In professional reflex digital cameras, the current fourth generation cards can store up to 64 GB at a writing speed of 133 MB per second.

Advantage of Compact Flash (CF I and II) - High read and write speeds.

Disadvantage of Compact Flash (CF I and II) - Very robust, too big for ultra compact devices.


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