Logitech Z-10

The standard of desktop audio just got raised! The Logitech Z-10 speakers look good, sound good, and feel good. They are powerful enough to fill the space around a normal computer desk with quality sound. Rated at 30 watts RMS, the Z-10 can be pretty loud.
Features: The speakers have two biamped drivers each, with reflex ports on the rear. This requires the speakers to be positioned with an object or wall behind them for good bass response. When placed correctly, the frequency response is tight and impresses on all fronts. The lows go down well and the highs do not distort. The speakers have a decent amount of stereo imaging. The sound stage is so wide that it can feel like sound and emerging from behind you.
The speakers connects to a computer via USB, and work as their own sound card. The digital USB connection to a computer via USB, and work as their own sound card. The digital USB connection bypasses your computer's soundcard, which means that a pure audio signal reaches the speakers. The sound is actually processed inside the speakers - it is unaffected by a range of external factors. If you have run out of USB ports on your computer of if you want to connect your MP3 player to the speakers, you can use the alternative standard 3.5 mm connector. There is also a headphone jack on the right speaker for late-night listening sessions.
The USB connection also works as an interface for the packaged LCD monitor software that allows you to display information such as CPU and RAM usage or the current date and time. The amber-colored LCD can aslo be used to display current track information, and the onboard buttons can control playback. The driver disc install plugins for most popular media players including iTunes, Winamp, and MusicMatch Jukebox. The display system in use is the same as the one used in Logitech's G15 keyboard - this makes it compatible with all the modifications and plugins available online. This also presents a problem as only on display can used by the software at a time, so if you just just happen to have a G15 keyboard, you'll lose the functionality of one of them.
Build Quality - The speakers are well built and feel really solid, almost like proffesional-grade monitoring systems. They have a pretty large profile, making them look impressive on any computer desk. The front panel is glossy and adds to the aesthetic value of the speakers. To maintain a look, Logitech has bundled a lint free cloth to wide away dust and fingerprint marks that will accumulate very quickly. All the controls on the speaker are touch-sensitive, so there is no question of them getting damaged or wearing out. This has its own set of problems, and can be quite a pain as the control are activated even if they are touched by wires of papers strewn across the desk. The power supply is built inside the left speaker.The speaker's power cord, however, is not replaceable.
Verdict - The speakers perform really well and look extremely good. The USB based connection is something new... and it rocks!!!
Best Qualities - Superb sound, killer looks, sturdy, in-built sound card
System Requirements
o Windows® XP, Windows® Vista™
o USB port
o CD-ROM drive
o 256 MB RAM
o 20 MB available hard disk space
o Microsoft® Windows Media® Player, Apple® iTunes®, or Musicmatch® Jukebox™ for complete media player functionality
Technical Specifications
o Total FTC power: 30 watts RMS
o Bi-amp design:
Woofers, left/right: 14.8 watts RMS x 2 (into 4 ohms, @ 500 Hz, @ 10% THD)
Tweeters, left/right: 1.2 watts RMS x 2 (into 16 ohms, @ 4 kHz, @ 10% THD)
o Total peak power: 60 watts
o Speaker dimensions (H x W x D, inches): 9.7 x 4.5 x 4.7


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