UFS - New Standards for Memory Cards

UFS - Universal Flash Storage: The acronym for Universal Flash storage, UFS is the name of universal standard for memory cards being considered by the industry. The experts in the industry have come together to do away with the confusion and chaos surrounding flash memory standards. Micron Technology, Nokia, Samsung Electronics, Sony Ericsson, Spansion, ST Microelectronics and Texas Instruments with the JEDEC Solid State Technology Association, have decided to introduce the new UFS standard for memory cards by the year 2009.
The group is primarily aiming at improving access times which will directly translate into transferring larger larger amount of in lesser amount of time. Even the fastest cards today take minutes to transfer data in Gigabytes. In addition to that, the developers are looking forword to increase the memory capacity and reduce power consumption. This new solution might get a catchy name by the year 2009 and will most likely get rid of the problems plaguing flash memory.
USF will give the end user the advantage of using the same card for all purposes and devices. However, if this standard is to become a reality, more manufacturers would need to join the league.


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