Jazzy B New Album Rambo Delayed

Jazzy B New Album Rambo Has Been Delayed till Early May

Today morning I had been checking my email, I have got fresh news from the associated resources of Jazzy B that Rambo has been delayed till early May of 2008. This is very real news and to make people and fans be patient. You all the guys waiting for Rambo need to wait little bit more time for the bang of Jazzy B. Man this is also got to know that Rambo gonna make something extraordinary. Jazzy B is very much initiative for the release of his new album Rambo. And if you want listen Jazzy B Rambo, live songs you need to reach World Exclusive Live Performance taking place in the UK on the EVE of Great Festival Vaisakhi. The Official UK Tour 2008 with full live Backing Band.

The main reason behind delaying the release of Rambo is nothing but Live Concerts of Jazzy B, which in term to make people Get Ready I guess.

Jazzy B Events taking Place before the release of Rambo.

Jazzy B and Miss Pooja Official Tour 2008
  • The Official Vaisakhi Dinner and Dance Asian Ball 2008
  • The most Appreciated event of the year Friday 11 April.
  • World Exclusive live performance from Jazzyb’s new album Rambo.
  • Music Man Live from his sell out tour Sukhshinder Shinda.
  • Jassi-J performing latest album “Nachna”.

Well Now I need to tell this news to my friend Daljinder sitting in Australia, and probably looking for the release of Rambo.

Visitors Comments and Questions are appreciated.


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  4. Anonymous7.6.08

    jazzy u will definitely rock the punjabis with rambo.hurry up yar release it soon .we r wating for it.hurry uppppp.............
    from ur biggest fan.{bajwa}from amritsar

  5. Anonymous3.10.10

    you should not sing with miss pooja.you should sing with me.