where the joy have been gone

It is the time when I am coming to Chandigarh from my lovely village Jalkheri. This is bit tough time to me as my Dad always make things uneasy to me, once again he did. I was very much comfortable by doing up-down about 160 KM. each day. The only bad thing was that I do not spare the time to enjoy or rest. Wake up early and run to Bus stand. My Dad told me to not to stay in village everyday, strongly advised me to stay in Chandigarh in any Paying Guest or something. I feel very bad to live in the cities. This is very fast life out there in Cities, particularly when you are alone.

I don't have much friends in my life, my nature stands me out of... don't know what? I feel uncomfortable. I know I am very much depressed these days, and always try to do the thing good so I can be fine also.

My friend Darshan was talking about to live in Chandigarh with in same room, I was very happy to know this but he have been sent to Himachal Pardesh on his job for one week. Otherwise we see any room to live there together. Sometime it feels like loneliness will kill me, I feel .......... just leave it.

I don't know where the joy have been gone from my life.

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  1. Anonymous26.3.09

    always remember youre not alone because im here for always.you...