Nature of Remote Village in Northern India

A Thought of mine
I would like to tell about Northern part of India. I have seen a huge difference between the two areas, around Delhi and around Punjab. Delhi is very hot place, climate in not habitable tough, there is no peace any where, neither in nature nor in lifestyle. This might because of being a capital of India.

When I am here in Kurukshetra in my village Jalkheri, I like it very much. It was like a race in the city I was running, but now I am tired. I want to get rid of this race and to live in peace. You know, my village is very remote location from the urban area. G.T. Road – NH1, the main National Highway 1 is about 6-7 KM. away from my village. At the time of night a deep silence spreads over the whole village, even my home is at the edge of the village from where our farm land starts, you would not like to even think visit farms after 7 PM. From last three days the whether is raging and it was too much rain. In fact, it was a heat wave first, after an extreme hot day; late in night wind started blowing heavily and brought rain and dark clouds up there in sky. Lightening was thundering so loudly in last two nights. I was sitting in my home, thinking that what would happen if I am coming from Chandigarh from my job at 9 o’clock in night. I must afraid of that kind of thundering; even silence makes it more loudly there.

The climate is cold and nice but the dark clouds are still there, it looks so endless and you can feel the power of nature. If you are native of this place it makes you feel sad to see such sort of features of the nature. While living in city you feel like things are under control of yours, you can not feel the lightening, thunder, fast wind and dust of the storm, but while living in village these all things can change your mind that you are still very little in front of the power of the nature of some eternal power.
I have taken many pictures of some beautiful places in village, I will add them already but the problem is that I don’t have my personal desktop or laptop currently. So I could connect my phone to upload picture of my village. But I will surely add them in future.


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