The Grid - 10000 Times Faster than Internet

Using a 2Mbps connection and thinking you are at the edge? Think again. The most loved Internet may soon look like the floppy drives of early 90s compared to the Blue-ray disc. The inventor of the Web, CERN, a Swiss organisation, is laying bricks for the next-age communication with the Grid. The Grid is supposed to be 10,000 times faster than the current connections.

On the lines of the Web, the Grid will first connect leading research and academic institutions. But eventually, it will reach homes as well. However, home user may not be 'directly' hooked to the Grid, but service telecom providers, ISVs will take some advantage of these technologies. Some have already started using dynamic switching which creates a dedicated channel for Internet users thus increases data transfer rate manifold. The Grid has already connected Cern with 11 centres in the United States, Canada, the Far East, Europe and around the world.

Once the benefit of the Grid start reaching people, even indirectly, that will be a revolution. Imagine downloading full-length movies in a matter of seconds, even before you blink your eyes. In a scenario like that online applications will definitely take over the desktop-based applications, thus leading to the online OS -- regarding which experts have had doubts hitherto. But the first ultra-high speed fibre optic cables are already being laid. So hold on to your mouse and get ready for a super-fast journey through the Web...

The emergence of the Grid will change the entire perception the way people interact with each other online. The data transfer rate will be so fast that live chats or webcams will appear to be ancient technologies -- you will actually be able to chat with each other in a 3-D manner. The two dimensional websites will come to an end, especially for online shopping and a lot more things; you will actually be able to 'wear' a dress on sites like e-Bay and see how you look in that dress in a 3-D image.

This will definitely affect the mobile communication as well, thus leading to popularity of MIDs or mobile Internet devices married with mobile phones. For gamers, it would be like a heaven where they could actually play with the hologram of other players.

The possibilities that the Grid will offer are so vast that the imagination will have to take a back seat and wait for the Grid.


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