Remote Village - Nature and True Peace

I had been there since April and I lived every moment with that vast nature and real natural environment. I could feel extreme loneliness and desolations. I used to sit at my farms in evening and I spent lots of time there, I have never been such peaceful and lonely area before. I know about my village Jalkheri very much. This is another factor that people might think you crazy while sitting lonely at farms there. But that was so peaceful, if you are not get involve with the local people of the village. I loved the time spent there. I have taken many beautiful snaps of such a lonely place. They are here below...

Lonely, Plant, StrawA little lonely beautiful plant

planes, green, clouds, areaGreen Soft Rice Plants and vast planes

loneliness, nature, jungle, planes, cloudsWide open area with a cloudy evening

Sky, Trees, Clouds, Nature, RemoteBeautiful Sky and Vast Loneliness before the Jungle of Ex-Military Farm of Dhantori near Jalkheri village in Kurukshetra District of North India.

Lonely, Jungle, Brunt, Land, TreeA sight of Burnt farmland before Jungle of Sujri

There are many nice snaps of that beautiful area. Though time always keep changing, but I have seen very less change there but with more and more freshness ever before. I would also like to tell people that there are few places on the earth that makes you feel very high and tells the real meanings of loneliness and peace, where there no things happens than nature. It's Just Real Nature...


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