Restored Deleted Files

Windows Wista Ultimate
Restoring deleted files with just a few clicks
You can access earlier versions of files withe the help of snapshots. The prerequisite for this: The 'System Restore' for the hard disk must be activated. To do so, click 'Start > Run > Control Panel' and click on ' Performance and Maintenance' and then 'System'. In the classic view of the Control Panel, you can reach this window directly by double clicking on 'System'. On the left side of the window, select 'System Restore'. Windows the requests you to select an account with administrator rights and enter the right password. Then check-mark the desired hard disks in the 'Automatic Restore points' field for system restore and confirm 'OK'.
Windows archives old files versions as soon as a system restore points is set; normally, once every day.
But, not every change in a file leads to a snapshot being created immediately. The function therefore does not provide security for realtime changes, which is another reason for backing up your own files regularly, and accessing Snapshots only in case of an emergency.
For this, right click on the file in Windows Explorer. Then select 'Properties' in the context menu and activate the 'Previous Versions' tab. The 'File versions' list provides an overview of all available versions. Mark the desired entry and click on 'Open'. In order to save a copy of the marked version in the file system, click on 'Copy'. With 'Restore', you make the marked copy cureent and thus overwrites the previous one.


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