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? How Does Harbhajan Mann start his day?
With a glass of water and breakfast consisting of cereal, toast, tea and badaam & raisins. I usually read many newspapers while I am eating. Then I head off to the gym.

? Favourite Ghar Da Khana?
Yellow Dal, Kaddu Di Sabzi (Sh***), Amb da Achaar and Kheer cooked by my wife.

? Favourite Colour?

? Favourite City?
Vancouver, Canada, the best place on the earth.

? Favourite place to shop?
New York and London, England. I have a huge passion for designer cloths and shoes.

? Favourite one liner?
"Chalo Shaddo" (Let's Drop it).

? What makes Harbhajan Mann angry?
When people don't mind their own business.

? Harbhajan Mann's best trait?
I am focused and hard working.

? Harbhajan Mann's worst trait?
At times, I put things off.
? Childhood ambition?
To go abroad (Canada).

? What is most craziest thing Harbhajan Mann ever done?
Bunk school to eat at a wedding party in my village at the age of 10!
? Two people, other than his family, Harbhajan Mann wishes he could spent more time with?
K.S. Paras Ramoowalia as there is so much more I would like to learn from him. Also Shaukat Ali Sahib because he is my favourite singer, a very close and dear friend, for his invaluable tips on singing.

? How would Harbhajan Mann blow up a million bucks in ONE day?
Give part of it to charity and then fly to London with my family and we shop till we drop!

? The stress buster that works for Harbhajan Mann?
Spending time with my family, music, reading and working out.

? What does Harbhajan Mann do for fun?
Play sports/games with my kids, go for long drives with the family and go out with my buddies.

? Life according to Harbhajan Mann is...
My family, my music and my fans.

? What new?
I am working on my new solo album and new movies upcoming...

Harbhajan Mann


  1. Anonymous8.4.09

    iluv ur voice....harbhajan mann g...u r the person down to earth..i really like this...

  2. Anonymous20.4.09

    hi harbhajan mann...i really luv u...u r the person without ego..i met u two times nd hope 2 meet u again..u r sooo nice.. i cant express my feelings..i wish all ur dreams cum true..

  3. Anonymous10.5.09

    hi, did harbhajan mann write this on his own ? because i had to say something :)

  4. Harbhajan Fan11.5.09

    of course... that is an exclusive interview of Harbhajan Mann

  5. Anonymous29.5.09

    wats harbhajan mann's daughters name again...... she was in my grade 3 class...... man i cant remeber her name....she also had a special appearance in jee aayan nu.... please tell me her name if u noe...thanx

  6. Anonymous13.6.09

    hrbhajan ji i m d biggest fan of urs in d universe... jst luv ur voice.. tussi enne pyaare jehe gaane gande o ki bs...twaddi saadgi te assi saare fida haige a keep on rocking wid luv...

  7. Anonymous30.12.09

    hi harbhajan ji. i m a gr8 fan of urs. i love ur songs, ur films n ur voice. i v a wish 2 meet u.hope so GOD fulfils it...........

  8. Anonymous14.1.10

    sat shri akal ..meinu tusi bhaut change lagde ho........mei tuhanu ik var milna chahundi hai.mei tuhada koi vi movie miss nhi kiti dekhni..tuhadi voice bahut pyari hai..

  9. I LOVE U SO MUCH.......... main tuhanu ek vari milna chahudi a plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  10. hema jain8.6.10


  11. Anonymous4.11.10


  12. Anonymous4.11.11

    chudde wali na kar maana

  13. Anonymous4.11.11

    harbhajan maan nahi majhbi sikh hai saala punjabi uni. patiala de tatte tolda hai aapni har filma wich kahani kujh hundi ni uni. di advt. kar vadhiya dinda hai . thanks. bhosdi maan nakodar

    1. Anonymous20.4.12

      peo baare eda nahi likhi da puttar

  14. Anonymous16.8.12

    i have confussed harbhhab 22 babbu maan tuhada veer h ki

    m sirf is gal the ans chaunda thats it.

  15. Neeraj17.12.12

    Dear Harbhajan Mann I live very much ur voice brilliant.

  16. Anonymous5.2.13

    Herbhajan mann ji, I am a 60 year old punjabi women and have recently become very engrossed in your songs and films. You are a brilliant actor and a singer. Also a great promoter of punjabi language. Well done. Just one thing I want to say that punjabi is not just owned by Jatt's. Please remind the world that there are other casts in punjab equally worthy of mentioning. You are a fantastic advocate for punjabi and I am very proud of that. It would be good if you Mann's got together with the Khans and produced a film 'Manns and Khanns'. I look forward to seeing you and listening to many more of your movies and songs.

    1. Anonymous28.3.14

      Well said....Punjabis include Jatt, Brahmins, khans, sisters and brothers etc. it will be wonderful if a punjabi movie showed a Punjabi other than Sardar ji. Culture should be inclusive. punjabi is a culture not a religion or caste!