Arushi Mudgal

Arushi Mudgal
Arushi Mudgal is one of the most talented and beautiful young classical dancer. She is the daughter of vocalist Madhup Mudgal. Arushi Mudgal was born in 1986 in a musician family in Orrisa, India.

Arushi Mudgal has been thoroughly exposure to music and dance all the way through the Gandharva Mahavidyalaya, an institute started by Arushi Mudgal’s grandfather Padmashri Pt. Vinaya Chandra Maudgalya and runs currently by her father, Padmashri Madhup Mudgal.

Arushi Mudgal has been bestowed with a rare honour. Arushi Mudgal, the Odissi dancer has been invited to performat the Pina Bausch International Dance Festival, in Germany in 2008. Arushi Mudgal is not only a successful performer but also teaches at the Gandharava Mahavidyalaya. According to Arushi Mudgal, She dance to communicate her joy and she is disciple of her aunt, Madhavi Mudgal. The Guru of Arushi Mudgal says that her dedication is commendable. Hopefully she will continue the traditions.


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