d luscious

D Luscious is a rapper, a singer, a songwriter and a dancer. She is a young and attractive multitalented rapper waiting to be heard. There is no other way to describe her other than 'The Complete Package'. D Luscious and her upbeat sensual flow has been compared to rap artists such as Da Brat and Left Eye from TLC. Growing up in the Indo-Canadian culture was a struggle for her rap career. Getting into the entertainment business where sexuality and being in the spotlight plays a factor were not in her family's plans for their daughter. But D Luscious stuck to her passion and was determined to make her fantasies come to life. D Luscious has worked with Indo-Canadian artists in the past and her smooth alluring voice is being heard all around the world including the UK, Germany, Scotland, India, USA, Canada, Japan, the list goes on.

D Luscious made an appearance on Urban Rush May 2004 to promote her album as well as her concert benefiting Vancouver's Food bank Society. D Lusciouss also performed at BC Place for The Driven to Perform Event in June 2004. D Luscious just recently performed for the Vancouver Fashion Week Grand Finale Awards Night on October 17, 2004 at Plush Nightclub. Now at the age of 23, aspiring for 12 years, D'Luscious has completed and released her first debut album "D-Luscious Style" on October 6, 2004. It's an amazing 14 track album with a mixture of hip hop, reggae, R&B, and a whole lot of attitude. Currently she is working on her music video for her hit single Mr. Lo Lo, which will be completed June 2005. D-Luscious is also in the midst of releasing exclusive remixed tracks off of her debut album for Summer 2005. This sexy, soon-to-be ruler of Hip Hop airwaves has never been more ready.

The world can only anticipate what this Van City rapper is about to bring to the Hip Hop culture.


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