Karunesh - The new album, Beyond Body and Mind

KARUNESH - music for body, heart & soul
'Beyond Body and Mind' is another dazzling milestone in the spiritual journey of Karunesh that began in 1987 with his first album, 'Sounds of the Heart'. Karunesh, who is originally from Germany, set out on this journey for spiritual answers after a near fatal accident in 1979. It brought him to Goa, and it is there that he finally decided to choose music as his calling in life. He weaves different styles and feeling of sound into wonderful soulful melodies.

The new album, Beyond Body and Mind which is being released by Times Music in India in 2008, takes you on soothing journey that calms the mind and helps find one's center of being in the natural rhythems of the body.

It is extremely relaxing and creates a wonderful environment for yoga and meditation. It is a sound detached from the chaos of real world.


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