Dr. Kulwant Singh Khokhar

Dr. Kulwant Singh Khokhar is the writer who writes for Sikhism
Home town of Dr. Kulwant Singh Khokhar is Batala, Gurdaspur, Punjab, India. He was born on October 6, 1923 at Lalamusa in Distt. Gujraj, Punjab (Now in Pakistan), and was bought up in the North Western frontier of the Punjab. He was educated at Lahore, Ludhiana and Amritsar.
His Hobbies we poetry and prose writing, fishing, hunting, and driving in mountains. As a surgeon he retired from India, is now citizen of the USA, and lives with his children in Chester, Virginia. He is a well-known scholar in the study circle equally of his friends and fans. His favorite subject is Sikh faith and particularly meditation in the Sikh way. His full time engagement even at this age of eighty one is reading and mainly writing.
He is pioneer in using an easy language in books, and for giving index of the books on the Sikh faith. His works are especially aimed at the young people. He drives contentment out of sharing and writes with this object in mind.

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  1. And he writes in English!

    A true Gursikh and a dear friend.