Pia Trivedi

Pia Trivedi was born to a family of exporters from Gujarat, Pia Trivedi has been based in Mumbai all her life. She finished her schooling from Bombay Scottish and Junior College from Jai Hind in South Mumbai. In 6th class, she drew inspiration for modelling from her elder sister who had strutted down the ramp for a show at Tikujini Wadi, a water park at the out skirts of Mumbai. Enamoured by the overwhelming response and the unmatched attention her sister received at the show, Pia Trivedi decided follow suit.
Pia Trivedi completed her studies for the next six years of her life, but never for a moment did she lose focus on her goal for modelling. In mid 2003, without anymore ado, Pia Trivedi auditioned for ace choreographer Marc Robinson and the same year she waltzed up the runway at the Lakme India Fashion Week. From there on there was no looking back.
On the personal front, Pia Trivedi is a perfect daughter to her businessman father and homely mother. A strong camaraderie exists between the two sisters as they identify with similar fundamentals of life.
Extremely sensitive to the deplorable plight of animals Pia Trivedi vehemently refutes to buy or even wear any kind of fur and leather. An active volunteer at People for Ethical Treatment for Animals (PETA), Pia Trivedi firmly believes that if the buying stops, the killing will too! Mostly content with the homemade dal & rice, Pia Trivedi is perhaps the perfect paragon of the axiom ‘live simple, think high’.
  • Pia Trivedi Weight - 45 KG.
  • Favorite Designer of Pia Trivedi - Akki Narula, Tarun Tahiliani, Monish Jaising.
  • Favorite Food of Pia Trivedi - Mom made food & dal-rice. Mughlai, Chinese. I am a complete fishetarian; no meat & no chicken.
  • Health mantra of Pia Trivedi - No dieting as I am big foodie, but I don’t overeat and burn those calories in the gym. I don’t have enough water, rarely even a bottle a day. Need to have at least 4 bottles a day.
  • Favorite Colour of Pia Trivedi - Pink
  • Favorite holiday destination for Pia Trivedi - Switzerland
  • Fashion for of Pia Trivedi - Individualism! Each one to his own. Not season driven.
  • Style statement - Confidently comfortable.

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  1. Anonymous28.5.09

    PETA huh?

    and she eats fish???
    excuse me but fish arent exactly non-living are they?