Parul Chauhan

Parul ChauhanParul Chauhan, born March 19, 1988. Basically her family is from Lakhimpur Kheri in Uttar Pradesh. She is an Indian television model and Bollywood actress as well, who shot to fame via her role as Ragini in the hit serial "Sapna Babul Ka... Bidaai". She has also participated in the Sony TV's dance show Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa with choreographer Deepak.

Parul Chauhan came from Lucknow to Mumbai in 2005 leaving her engineering course half way. She was motivated by her brother's friend to try her hand at modelling and her first attempt in the world of acting got her the serial Sapna Babul Ka-Bidaai and rest is all history.

It is very amazing to know that how Parul Chauhan get offer to play Ragini in Sapna Babul Ka... Bidaai. Parul Chauhan dropped in her photographs at Rajan's office. He liked her pictures and called her for the auditions and finally Parul got selected to play Ragini.

A small town girl from an underprivileged background wants to make it big in the big bad world. So she moves to Mumbai to become an actress, finds absolutely no work, and then, suddenly, one day, gets the Big Break. That's Parul Chauhan's life - a life so filmi, you wonder what's she is doing on Television. But television is where she made it - in fact, Parul Chauhan has just returned form Dubai where she won the Gold Award for best debut on T.V. "This is my third award this year and I can't stop smiling," says Parul, also known as Ragini in Star Plus' Sapnaa Babul Ka - Bidaai.
"Till a year ago, I couldn't stop wondering why life was so unfair," Parul Chauhan says. "Now I can't thankful enough. Bidaai has given me everything."
And no wonder. In the space of one year, Parul Chauhan went from not having enough cash to eat for 15 days to planning to buy a second car for her father - quite a journey. "My father is a very junior employee in the government and his earning are barely enough for our day to day existence. So indulgence were a far fetched dream," says Parul Chauhan.
Mumbai's film and Television industries wre never on her wish list till a cousin motivated her to try her luch. "He was working in Mumbai and was clued in to the entertainment scene. He said I was dark but my features were good and I had expression. So I came to Mumbai." Parul Chauhan says.
But that was just the beginning. For 10 months, Parul Chauhan didn't get work. In a fair and lovely world, people didn't want to take a risk with a dark actress. "There was a time when I didn't have money to eat and I decided to go back," Parul Chauhan says. But Rajan Shahi, the director of Bidaai, called her. "And he just signed me on. I couldn't believe it. He said if my face could talk though still pictures, I could do wonders on screen. Thankfully, all these awards prove that he was right."

How similar Parul Chauhan to Ragini in real life?
Parul love wearing traditional costumes, sarees, salwar-kameezes. She is not much of a jeans lover, but but like to look cool. So in that case you may say that she is little bit similar to Ragini in real life.

The Queen... Parul Chauhan

Parul Chauhan Photos

Parul ChauhanParul Chauhan in Jhalak Dikhla Ja

Parul ChauhanParul Chauhan in Jhalak Dikhla Ja

Parul Chauhan in Jhalak Dikhla Ja

Parul Chauhan
Parul Chauhan in Sapna Babul Ka... Bidaai

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  1. MIELY25.4.09

    dear parul,
    you are too sweet.

  2. Anonymous25.4.09

    I love you Parul! Best of luck for JDJ 3

  3. Anonymous26.4.09

    parul you make me so happy ranvir and you suit each other forever i want to see you but where are you are in london?

  4. Anonymous27.4.09

    hi paru aap mujhy bahut sweet laghte ho

  5. Anonymous1.5.09


  6. Anonymous4.5.09

    hey parul u r realy sweet and i realy enjoy wathing ur programme keep upth goos work and i really like ur jodi with ranvir its very cool! u the best have faith in ur self.

  7. Anonymous5.5.09

    You are so beautiful Parul! I want to be just like you! Best of luck for JDJ!!!!!!!!!

  8. Anonymous6.5.09

    u are too sweet parul actually i want to call u ragini copz it suits u and ur image. r acting is very good in the serial and sweet too. keep it up. u and ranvir suits each other and u guys rock in bidaai.

  9. Anonymous13.5.09

    i only say nawa ai gaya ha to sha gaya ha dha kar ka

  10. Anonymous13.5.09

    Hi Parul, You are too good, I like you a lot...


  11. hi parul

    i watch ur serial everyday n i like ur role

    keep it up.....

    all the best........

  12. Anonymous17.5.09

    hey parul..
    i just hate u.. though u luk gud but from inside u r really mean n bad n plz don ever thg i m jealous so sayin al these i need nt b jealous for the girl who is mean selfish n vry bad..
    gud bye.. n if possible pls get out from bidaai serial n go n learn actin u really don act wel.. u guys oly no how to wear n show clothes.. i cn rate u 1 in actin.. bye

  13. Anonymous24.5.09

    Hoi Parul!!

    I'm a very big fan of you. Watching bidaai no matter the weather is nice or not.
    You are so cute and beautiful.
    Hope to meet you and say hi to you.

    Kuch mei hindi mei boluh aapse: Aapne barre achche lagte ho,Parul-dji.

    Big huggggg & loves from
    The Netherlands

  14. Anonymous27.5.09

    hi parul u r so sweet..........u look gorgeous in bidaai

  15. Anonymous29.5.09

    hi parul your serial is so good mostly your and ranveer couple.i love you a lot and you are very very very gorgeous.make me as your friend please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    lots of love
    from ashwini

  16. Anonymous2.6.09

    hi parul
    u r too sweet
    i luv u a lot
    hv a g8 future in bollywood

  17. Anonymous3.6.09

    who ever said parul is mean should take it bck............ i mean i know parul is rlly nice nd sweet. parul if ur reading this then don't attension 2 a word that weido said ................
    i luv ur acting nd ur rlly cute :) :)

  18. Anonymous5.6.09

    Parul u are very sweet , very very very beautiful.

  19. Anonymous11.6.09

    hi parul i like u and love u. will u marry me

  20. megha gandhi11.6.09

    parul i luv u sooooo much iwant to meet u yaar. i watch the show just b'coz of u and i like ur jodi with kinshuk onscreen hope dis jodi will paried offscreen also.

  21. Anonymous14.6.09

    hiiiiiiiiiiii parul i love u, i watch the show b,coz i like that serial and u also plz send me u no on my adress plz my add is plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz send me and i want to act like u i like acting plzzzzzzzz give me one chanes ok plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  22. Anonymous15.6.09

    hai parul ilove you,i love you very much and i want to talk with you . did you know i Did not miss any one episodes of your sereal becous you are in that sereal. my name is pooja from bangalore did you know bangalore it is in karnataka state please,please,please,please send me your cell number in this comment page please if you sent it italk wiyh you for some time for one time only o.k please

  23. Anonymous21.6.09

    i think that sara stands nowhere infrnt of u,u r simply gorgeous and pleseeeeeeee tell ur director to nt make fights btwn u n kinshuk

  24. Anonymous3.7.09

    Parul u r so sweet ur jodi with Ranveer is so nice aiways keep SMILE on ur face please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Tharki Insan9.12.09

    Hi sweeto Love You Lots xXx

  26. Anonymous10.12.09

    hey ur tooo sweet ..i hope 2 see in more serials

  27. hi parul urf ragini muje aap ke sirial bahut achi lagti hai main har raoj bidai, yeh rista , or ladli regulary dekhti hu or aap to muje ache lagte ho sath main sadhna bhi bahut acha roll kar rahi hai dono ka sath bahut acha hai or khas tor per aap ki or ranvir ki jodi great hai such main kabhi to main aap se jalti hu k acctin hi sahi lakin ranvir aap ko is main kitne loveing or care fully husband k roll main milte hai i love sll of u bidai pls ragini aap muje mere id per jarur replay karna ho sake to or main aap ko ranveer ko milna bhi chati hu bat karna bhi chati hu ho sake to contac no jarur dena i wait u r replay.

  28. Anonymous12.12.09

    parul u r simply awsome. Few r jealous wid u. thats why they make idiotic comments on u. Dont pay attention their. U r fantastic & million times better from other co actors. And u r also a good human being.

  29. Sohely Ahsan Snigdha20.1.10

    Hey. Parul, I am Bangladeshi. par main kutch hindi bol sakti ho or likhvi sakti ho. So, isiki doran main india aongi or i will become a actress as you. So now i read very hard.
    & i like you very much.I wish, tomhara andar koi ahanker nahi hai. islia ami tomaka like kori.
    Best of luck.

    sohely Ahsan Snigdha
    from Bangladesh

  30. Sohely Ahsan Snigdha20.1.10

    Hey,Parul I am sohely.I will write to you everyday.I read in class 10. 11th January my S.S.C exam will start.And you look so beautiful
    & attractive.But when you angry with Sadhna whose name is Sarah Khan.I like you very much.
    And I wish I will meet you very soon. Pahla mujha bahat mahnat karna paragi.So,kal phar bate karong gi.

  31. Sohely Ahsan Snigdha22.1.10

    Hey Parul jiji,
    How are you? I know that You do not read any massage attentively and regularly. Phirvi main massage likhti ho. Akdin aap jarur dakhangi. islia main har rose likhta rahongi.Or aapki comment karta rahongi.Aap bahat beatiful ho.And I like you very much.And I wish I will meet you very soon.
    Best of luck

  32. Sohely Ahsan Snigdha22.1.10

    Hey Parul,
    How are you? I am fine. My S.S.C exam will start. So, please please please wish me. You are very sweet.& please Do not quarrel with sara.Tom dono aksath bahat beautiful lagtiho. You Know I Learn driving. My father help me.I wish i meet you very soon.
    Best of luck.
    Sohely Ahsan Snigdha
    From Bangladesh

  33. sahra19.2.10

    dear parul

    you look very beautiful and may i ask u 1 question why do u be rude to sara khan (sadhna) in sapna babul ka bidaai your really a good actress

  34. Sohely Ahsan Snigdha4.3.10

    parul i mean Ragini,
    I love you so much. But when your charecter is going to misbehave with sadhna I mean sarah khan, I am cring. My family are laughing to me because of cring.They told me this is their charecter. I know that,but I do not like that.By the by wish you all the best from me.Now my S.S.C exam is running. So, I could not post my comment in those days.SORRY.
    When I arrive my aim, then I am tring to meet you though I amn't your any relative.

    Good day, Good night, and Good bye.

    I'll meet you very soon.

    Sohely Ahsan Snigdha
    From Bangladesh

  35. Anonymous16.3.10

    hey parul ur really a blackbeauty ........
    u console all the black gls whom not getting respect in the socity by there complection........

  36. hey parul.u r so sweeti like u very much.uu r playing a wonderful role in biddai..

    i love u maaaaaaaaaaa..


    Hey Parul jiji,
    I am sorry for my guilty. My guilty is that I amn't talk to you in those days and can't wish you in your birthday. soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU..........

    I know that it is for your comment.But why am I comment you? PLZ.. tell me. All peaple know that you look very beautiful.So, I do not comment you. Only I want to share my life's story with you, if you don't mind. I know that you don't mind.

    You know I learn driving fulfil. My S.S.C exan was end. Now, it is holiday.
    Firvi mary parents har waqt mujha busy rakhtaha. Keya karu busy to rahna parta hai.
    NO more today. wasavi aaj bahat bal dia matlab likh dia.



  38. Anonymous3.4.10

    i like u parul,u are a good actress.i wish what u have not got before u get it.i like u very much.iwish also that u get more success

  39. Anonymous24.6.10

    hi parul i am big fan of you you are my best actor i love you

  40. priya8.7.10

    Hi parul i like ur role . ur beautiful.
    all the best.

  41. Anonymous2.10.10

    hey parul !! this is aman .... i love u sooo much!!!!oooooooooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! u r too gud i want to see u !!!!!!

  42. Anonymous10.11.10

    u did a good job in bidaai

  43. Anonymous11.11.10

    hai parul this is mohsina from tamil nadu . i like u very much and i like kinshuk . u and ranveer jodi is very beautiful. the real rab ne banadi jodi is u and ranveer . becoz of u and ranver bidaai is fantastic but not know becoz beautiful jodi is seaprated . say ur director that he did a mistake by bring anmol and sakshi in serial say him to bring back kinshuk and sara . my family is biggest fan of u and ranveer . ervery one in my hate serial but they like yeh rishta, bidaai and prategiya. but we like bidaai very much . i want to became ur best friend . best of luck for ur future ok . dont think iam from tamil nadu i dont know hindi iam a muslim ok . i and my family never miss ur serial .

  44. Anonymous14.4.11

    hi my dear parul i like u and will you friend me and you very beautiful

    i am"prince"

    i live in lakhimpur kheri

    i watch the show becoz i like that serial and u also plz send me u no on my adress plz my add is plz send me and i want to act like u i like acting plz give me one chanes ok

  45. Anonymous19.5.11

    Hai parul i'm in TN.i know little bit hindi.i saw u in bidaai 4m last year june.but i missed before episodes.u r so perfect 4 tat character.all the best 4 ur future.bye.

  46. Anonymous15.1.12

    well someone can tell me if there will be season 2 of the Bidaai???

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  48. hi! parul i like u so much nd i'm big fan of u,u r really too sweet.I love ur character in wishes nd gud luck for ur future.

  49. Anonymous28.3.12

    love u parul
    ur bestttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  50. Anonymous29.6.12

    Parul u r soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sweet