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It may be almost five years since the release of Bhangra star Juggy D’s debut album, but fans are just as enamored with his music and hyped, energy filled performances. Juggy’s San Francisco Bay Area fans were treated to one of those awesome performances this weekend, as Upscaled Entertainment brought out Juggy in concert on January 16th at Avalon nightclub as part of a four date mini tour of the US in association with Blazin Beats!
I was there and let me tell you first hand, the crowd went nuts and everyone’s hands were in the air as Juggy took the stage. After his hospital stay in Australia, Juggy was feeling much better as he took over the stage with his sheer energy and signature dance moves. He was joined by dhol player Pree Mayal and performed a mix of tracks of his debut album, as well as a few new tracks that will be featured on his new album ‘Juggy D 2: Punjabi Rockstar.’ Speaking of a new album, everyone’s been anxiously awaiting its release. So I decided to find out the details on its release, find out what Juggy said during our chat below!
How was your performance and did you enjoy the San Francisco crowd?
They were good, it was nice. It’s good to perform here. We had a dhol player as well, and that added a bit more of a Desi element to the show, because you guys have quite a few Desis out here, you guys call them FOB’s (laughs) but you know! But you know they’re cool, they enjoyed the show, they had fun and it was nice.
All of your fans have been waiting for ‘Juggy D 2: Punjabi Rockstar.’ When is the album planned to be released?
This year, this year, for sure this year! I’ve been blessed enough to tour with the same album, you know this is my fifth year now coming up, 2009 and I released it in 2004. So I think I’m probably the first and only artist to ever have a reign on one album for five years! (smiles) You now the way I see it is we’re still getting booked, why turn it down? And that’s the basis of not being able to get in the studio and not being able to record my album, because I haven’t had time. I’ve been touring, I’ve been getting booked. Every time I come back, I’m like right I’m going to block off time, and they’re like Juggy okay, you’re going here you’re going there. And I’m like you know what? They’re playing, if you’re getting work why not. So my apologies to all the fans that have been waiting for it, you know, I’m waiting for it! I can’t wait to get it out, but I just haven’t had time to go into the studio and record it, but when I go back from this US tour I’ve booked off four weeks and all the tracks are ready and I know who I’m recording with, the collaborations and the producers. It’s not just Rishi [Rich] and Mentor on this one its Rishi, Mentor and a whole lot more, because Rishi and Mentor were the core of the first album and they’re still the core of the second album. So this year album’s definitely coming out! We’re hoping for mid this year.
You mentioned a collaboration with Miss Pooja while you were on stage and in the past you mentioned collaboration with Jazzy B, how is that going?
I said I wanted to work with Jazzy B. There’s some talks going on, I’ve added a couple of tracks for him as well. Me and Jazzy have a very good relationship, I’ve actually been a fan of his before I got into the industry because I’ve only been in the industry for six years, since 2002, Jazzy’s been around for a lot longer then that. So I’ve been a fan of his and he knows that, because as well as being of fan of his, I’ve got a lot of respect for him and he sends me a lot of love as well, he’s like an older brother. I call him Paaji Jazzy, you know we have a laugh and a joke and I have a lot of respect for him. I’ve always said to him, Paaji, I want to do a song with you and he said no problem, whenever you’re ready, you let me know. So fingers crossed, hopefully we’re going to do something soon, but we’re looking to do something together. He’s given me the go ahead so we just have to tie things up.
You mentioned other producers on this album, who are a few that you’re working with?
Its producer that I like, producers whose sounds I like. So it’s producers like Tigerstyle, Hunterz, DJ Vix, people like that. So it’s just the collaboration of people whose vibe I like.
So what are your future plans regarding album releases in countries other countries, such as the US?
Well you know I keep my options open, I’m just going to see what happens with that. My main focus is more Punjab and the India side. For me it’s the Bollywood scene and the India market. So I’m really looking at going towards the India direction and really basing myself in Bombay. So that’s my next move for when the next album comes out, I want to head over to Bombay and spend like six months out there. There’s a lot of work out there for me and over the years I’ve made some really strong connections, so there’s a lot I can do out there. Not just musically but within the film industry with all these natacks and everything, you know there’s a lot of little bits and bobs you can do. There’s a good living you can make out there, so I thought why not, that’s the next step.
So you mentioned Bollywood, any collaborations coming soon?
I’m actually doing the title song for Shilpa Shetty’s new film. That’s coming out later on this year. There’s all these projects that are coming out this year. So the name of the film is called, ‘Bee 2,’ it’s starring Shilpa, Bipasha [Basu] and Akshay [Kumar]. They’re shooting the film at the moment and we’re doing the title song for it.
So Juggy, all the ladies out there want to know, are you single or is there a special lady in your life?
Yes. I was married actually and I got separated a few years ago. So yeah, I’m flying the bachelor flag now and I’m good. You know I’m the market, let’s just put it that way.
So before we go Juggy, do you have anything to say to all your fans?
I just want to say big up to all the people who have supported me even when I’ve been off; I’ve had loads of fans sending their love and support. So a big shout out to everyone that’s been there for me and new album’s coming out this year. I won’t disappoint you. I still get people saying you know Juggy when’s the album coming out? For people to still be asking about it five years later, all I can say is thank you very much and hopefully I won’t disappoint you and you enjoy the album just as much as you enjoyed the first one.


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