Sarbjit Saab - Desi Back

Sarbjit Saab Boliyan Video of Desi Back Album

Sarbjit Saab is back with his album, 'Desi Back' is now out and has created quite a buzz globally. The album was released in India in December and early January in North America.
The song features ten surefire hits, including Pardesi, Heer, Soorme, and Punjab. It is produced by producer Code Red.
Sarbjit Saab has released the video for his song Boliyan above. The video is a little low budget but it had its high points as well. The video features Sarbjit Saab, some of his friends, and a model; that all sounds like the perfect ingredients for a hit music video. Sarbjit Saab bringing something unique to the Bhangra scene.
The album also saw legendary producer Big Suga Kane coming out of retirement. Big Suga Kane produced two tracks off the album; this was his first production work since 2005. Now that the album is out and has been heard, we want to know what you guys think. There was a lot of hype and build up surrounding Sarbjit Saab and the release of his album. Do you think he has lived up to expectations? Also, it seems that Sarbjit Saab is attempting to give us a fresh new take on Bhangra. Do you think he has succeeded?
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