Sarbjit Saab

Sarbjit SaabSarbjit Saab

Suga Kane Records proudly presents Sarbjit Saab, the one of the number 1 upcoming Punjabi singers in the Bhangra industry.
Vocal talents of Sarbjit Saab are amazing and guaranteed to take the Bhangra industry by storm. Many people have said that Sarbjit Saab is exactly what the Bhangra industry needs, this fresh new talent is sure to give life to needy industy.
And his first album was released recently which is know as Desi Back. This album was produced super star world class producer Code Red. The album also features two tracks produced by the retire legendary Big Suga Kane. This was the first time Big Suga Kane had done any production since retiring in late 2005.
And apparently the whole Punjabi world is anxious to hear the vocals of Sarbjit Saab now.


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