Japji Khaira

Japji KhairaJapji Khaira

Japji Khaira has offered the lead role in a Punjabi film "Mitti Wajan Mardi" after she won the international beauty pageant, Miss World Punjaban.
Japji’s chemistry with her co-star Harbhajan Mann, it has been claimed, is totally enigmatic and can be felt by the audience through the screen!
Any special moments during the making of Mitti Wajan Mardi?
“The most memorable is a song sequence at school, where the students and I try very hard to teach Punjabi to Harbhajan Mann: Ehnu kiven mein padavan kuch samjh na aave (How do I teach him?)”, Japji Khaira said.
There are great opportunities for Japji Khaira to work with Bollywood, but being a Punjabi girl she should do some good for Punjabi social movies. Because this is the Punjabiness (Punjabiat) which we can see in her personality and she is a celebrity now because of Punjab and Punjabis.
Robust Punjabi humour sprink led with homilies on social evils old Punjabi songs evoked the pre channel era… Add to it the chartbusters of Sukhbir, Shael Oswal etc at. And the stage was set for the tossup of glamour and old world charm at Miss world Panjaban 2006 organised (under the aegis of Sabhyacharak Sathh Punjab at GRD Academy in Ludhiana) in which Japji Khaira from Sydney, Australia was choosen as the Miss World Punjaban 2006.

Japji KhairaJapji Khaira


  1. i have no words how 2 explain ur beauti realy mind blowing........

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