Miss Pooja Amrinder Gill Geeta Zaildar - Show

The 5 feet tall*, Miss Pooja rocked the Atlanta Rialto Performing Arts Center with her famous duet song “Siti Maar Key” with a crowd full of approx 500 audiences. The concert became a family entertainment event organized by Punjabi Youth of Atlanta, headed by Mr. Maini and in co-ordination with DJ Shawn of Atlanta.
Mr. Talli the national promoter of the concert expresses his heartily thanks to the Punjabi community of Atlanta for brining the Punjabi cultural program to the city.
The three main artists performed on the stage were Miss Pooja, Amrinder Gill and Geeta Zaildar and an upcoming artist Kulwinder.
The show started with the bangra and giddha dance by Jasmine, the daughter of Mr. Laddi and then an opening song by Kulwinder who hails from Vancouver.
Then Geeta Zaildar took over the stage which started making the audience a little bore as you could see people asking short breaks during that time. Most of the time when Geeta Zaildar was solo on the stage really it did not even look like he was performing.
The hall enjoyed little songs from Amrinder Gill who had few good beats to keep the people cheering for him as his performance was balanced overall.
The entry of Miss Pooja, the moment for which every heart was waiting warmed up the crowd. “She is not tall at all, is she the same Miss Pooja”, said Kiran, the little girl who came to see Miss Pooja all the way. The songs were exciting and she kept the fans in the rhythm even while Geeta Zaildar joined her for the duets. Geeta Zaildar was not even noticeable while performing with Miss Pooja. Over all the Atlanta Punjabi music fans loved the concert and praised the efforts of Mr. Maini, who took a great initiative to bring the live concert to the city.

* - Height of Miss Pooja about 5 Feet Tall.


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