Royal Family Shows - Jazzy B, Miss Pooja, Kuldeep Manak

August 30th, 31st and September 2nd 2009 are the dates for UK’s ‘Royal Family’ shows. Featuring the legendary ‘King of Folk,’ Kuldip Manak, the ‘Queen of Duets,’ Miss Pooja and the ‘Crowned Prince of Bhangra,’ Jazzy B.
Shows oozing with 'Royality' from the world of Bhangra and Punjabi folk music hit the UK this Summer featuring Kuldip Manak, Miss Pooja and Jazzy B.

Organised and proudly presented by A.S. Sandhu, A.B.M and B.S. Gill, the shows aim to give Bhangra and Punjabi folk loving audiences a feast of live performances. Joining the headline names will also be sensational Bhangra newcomer, Jaz Dhami, Yudveer Manak (son of Manak), Lehmber Hussainpuri, Kaler Kainth, duet singer Preet Brar, legendary lyricist Jandhu Literanwala, Mangi Mahal and many others.

Kuldip Manak is one of the first ever singers to have taken Punjabi folk to a popular level with hits like Tere Tile Toon, Jatt Heth Jandore De, Keema Malki, Dulla Bhatti, Ranjha Jogi Hogaya, Doli De Vich, Jeona Morh Ghodi Te Ferar, Gorak Da Tila, Yaar Mera Chhad Giya, Mirza Yaar Bulaonda Tera, Ranjha Jogi, and the evergreen hit anthem GT Road Teh. Singing folk love legend songs with his ‘ek tara’ a small tumbi, he has mesmerised audiences world-wide with his tremendous vocal range and ability to sing high and loud. Manak is a true legendary Punjabi artist not to be missed on any account.

Miss Pooja has risen to fame for her singing and performing talents, and reviving Punjabi duets back into the Bhangra scene of today. Dubbed the ‘Queen of Duets,’ after recording her first song in 2006, Bhann Churiyan Pyar Tera Vekhdi she has gone onto giving endless hits to her fans and audiences massive hit songs like Ik Tere Karke, Pani Hoge Dhunge Johna Launa Chad Dehna, Seeti Marke, Petrol, Jeep, Collage, Jhona Vech Ke, Chithian, Kheti, Yaaran Di Taxi Teh and Aashiq. Miss Pooja is a household name and an artist always loved for her performances.

Jazzy B, originally from Canada, has actively proved himself as a defiant name in the Bhangra music scene since releasing his first album Guggia da Jorra in 1993. Having a unique look and style, Jazzy is one of the most prominent stars and truely established live singers today. He has given Bhangra lovers hits like, Naag, Dil Aah Gey Ya Tere Te, Husana di Sarkar, Londono Patola, Rambo, Gaddi and I Love You. Whenever he performs, Jazzy B will always give audiences an act to remember and enjoy.

Without doubt, all the other artists at these shows will entertain with their own unique styles, songs and performances. Therefore, adding their magic to the musical atmosphere of each date and venue. The shows will take place as follows.

You can buy tickets for any of these shows by DESIblitz website with details for each show and ticket information. Tickets are selling fast so book now and don’t miss this huge Bhangra event of the year.


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