Blogger Custom Domain Server Down - 22 December 2010

The Custom Domain Server of has been down on 22 December, 2010. All the website that are hosted on with custom domain name like, and and billion of others are not opening at all.

This problem gone too long, this server is down from too long, I have been waiting and watching when this will be up. Probably, the main reason behind this is, Winter Holidays, everyone is enjoying the holiday and server shut down at wrong time.

Maybe some engineer now need to come the server room to reboot them again, or whatever the problem to solve.

I think no one have notify about this issue...



  1. Anonymous12.1.11

    It's down again. Bad luck for people like me.

  2. yes i am also facing this problem

    my blog is down

  3. Anonymous11.2.11

    Its down agian.