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      Twenties a theme like no other theme created before in the world of WordPress and not even in Internet history. I have used about thousands of WP themes, but there are very less which impress me so deep. The basic cause I am admiring Twenties theme of WordPress is the requirement of time. All of us are aware about the new algorithms of Google. Every blogger needs to update itself with Google or say time.

      Google is getting very smart these days. In earlier days, that was the time when links were more important than content of website. Anyone comes and writes few lines, and with the help of few clicks, he makes his few lines popular around the Internet. But now the time changed its getting very hard to survive for a Blogger these days. We can reduce those restrictions by using of Twenties WP theme. I tell you how?

      • No. 1 I would like to say that its Page loading speed – Twenties is minimal theme with less and light-weight codes and images.
      • Search engines today look how you weaved your page? I mean the code. Valid and Clean code means better and healthy page. So higher in ranking and your gets more traffic.
      • Responsive Theme – More that 50% of visitors comes from mobile devices and Twenties WordPress theme is 100% responsive theme, which means, whether your visitor is using mobile phone, or tablet or desktop or laptop or any Smartphone. Visitor gets a perfect view in all devices as themes changes itself according to device.
      • Tools and Features – Twenties Wordpress theme has lots of wonderful features, including, multiple types of layout, custom header images, background images, colors and much more.
      • 3 Basic Color – Twenties Wp theme comes with 3 Basic colors (Default) white, Black and Pink. It suits all kind of bloggers according to their need and requirement. Moreover you can easily customize these 3 basic colors into something totally different.
      And since I used Twenties theme, my ranking in Search engines increased to 6-7 level up. And I have great hopes in future from Twenties wordpress theme free download.

      This is the statement of one blogging and WordPress experts. What will you say? Try Twenties Wordpress Theme Free Download Now.

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